The Undecim Rating System

The Undecim Rating System is an eleven point rating system which was originally created by JJA Fuller of I agree with his feelings on traditional rating systems, so I've decided to adopt this system for my own reviews on the blog. Anything rated at 0 is considered average, with anything above that being recommended reading/viewing/whatever to some degree, while ratings -1 to -5 should be taken as warnings against reading/viewing/etc.

-5. Terrible. I'd much rather have slit my wrists.
-4. No, really. Very few people are likely to enjoy this.
-3. There are better things to do with your time. You should do them instead.
-2. Below average, but some might still like it.
-1. Do not recommend, but many people will probably still like it.
0. Average.
1. I would recommend, but many people still may not like it.
2. Above average, most people should like it.
3. Pretty good / cult classic.
4. Really good, representative of excellence in the medium.
5. Basically, 4 with lasting appeal. Avoid at your own peril.

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